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Financial Literacy
With End In Mind
Everyday Working Adults

Upnon Academy Is A Financial Literacy Education Company Whose Mission Is To Educate, Guide And Transform The Lives Of Everyday Working Adults Through 4 Specially Designed Courses So That They Can Stop Work Young Without The Need To Become Rich.

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Stop Work Young For Young Working Adults In The Mid-20s And 30s

4R Framework For Young Working Adults

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Stop Work Young For Senior Working Adults In The 40s And 50s

4R Framework For Senior Working Adults

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Start Family Young For Young Couples

4R Framework For Young Family


Implementation Of The 4R Framework

4R Fastrack Program 

Our Financial Literacy Educators

Books On Shelf
Work Desk

Our Story

Founded by Kenny Low, a financial literacy educator since 2005 and an ACLP certified adult educator.  

His passion is to help everyday working adults like himself break free from the "money trap" young so that they too can live their fullest life for their families, loved ones, and themselves without having to chase more and faster money, regardless of their age, income, liabilities, commitments, lifestyle and financial knowledge.

A personal life event he had has "pushed" him to "find the way out" of the "money trap". His life and circumstances changed eventually, and he has since made it his mission to help others succeed.

To enable him to impact more people, he has created the FOCUSRIGHT™ Framework (4R Framework), authored the book FOCUSRIGHT LIVE LIFE and is currently developing the FOCUSRIGHT LIVE LIFE card game.

He created these to share the steps and strategies that helped him transform his life.

But he observed a disparity between those who succeeded and those who struggled. There were some people who had difficulty implementing the concepts taught in the framework because they lacked the basic understanding of how to implement them. There was a lack of understanding of how to manage their money, as well as how to choose the appropriate options. Most importantly, they lacked someone who had experienced what they are going through to guide and hold accountable to them. With that goal in mind, he started a new journey to help everyone not only learn, but master the steps to success and Upnon Academy was founded.

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