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4R Book

The Playbook To Focus Right Live Life

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The 4R Framework

This is exactly what I discuss in the book. I will take you on my financial journey, explaining how I managed my money, broke free from the money trap and started living life again.

With these steps, you will understand what is the "real purpose" of money and learn how to structure your money accordingly regardless of your age, income, liabilities, commitments, lifestyle or financial knowledge.


We will then dive into the phases and explore the building blocks you will need at every step once you understand these concepts.

Finally, I will give you all the "hacks" and tools I used to help my family, team, and friends avoid wasting money and time. Taking each of these steps will transform your money from a one-dimensional tool into a three-dimensional machine. This will allow you to create more life experiences and meaningful memories with your loved ones, your family and yourself. Having time for your loved ones and yourself will result in a happier you. Happiness leads to a healthier you. You have a happy life when you are happy and healthy.  

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