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Stop Work Young
For Young Working Adults

How To Convert 40 Years Of Working For Money Into 40 Years Of Living Life?

Learn How You Can Break Free From The Money Trap, Without Having To Go After More And Faster Money And Have The Full Freedom Of Time And The Full Control Of Money To Live Life, Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Liabilities, Commitments, Lifestyle Or Financial Knowledge Using The Least Time And Money. 

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Why This Course?

Are you caught in the money trap in your mid-20s or early 30s?

At this point in your life, you are probably not making much money because you have just started working. You are also stressed about money because of upcoming commitments and liabilities such as planning to get married, buying a house and having children.

You probably also don't feel confident with the money you have in hand because you need to ration them for these upcoming expenses.

Probably you are working in a job you don't enjoy, but you do it because you have to.

As a result, you are unhappy. It is also likely that you seek investments that promise faster and more returns. This is because you need a quick solution to all these costs. Your investments are probably fluctuating in value from day to day, causing stress, or at worst, you have not made any returns at all.

You have probably given up on living the life you dreamt of as a child, because unless you hit the lottery, those dreams are unattainable.

Dreams like working in a meaningful job, travelling the world and doing the things you love.

You may be a self-employed individual or an employee, but whichever position you are in, you do not have an "exit" strategy.

In This Course You Will Learn

4R FRAMEWORK For Young Working Adults


Presented by Kenny Low, Founder and Chief Financial Literacy Educator at Upnon Academy, Creator of the 4R Framework, the 4R Fastrack Program, Author of the book FOCUSRIGHT LIVE LIFE.
Additionally, he has been teaching financial literacy since 2005 years and is a WSQ ACLP Certified Adult Educator. 


How long is the course? 

1 full day from 930am to 530pm.   

What financial knowledge do I need in order to benefit from the course? 

There is no need to have prior financial knowledge to benefit from this course.

How much is the course fee?

The programme fee is $899 per pax. 

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